Gas Interlock Systems

Require a Gas Interlock System in your commercial kitchen? Dove Catering only install HSE recommended equipment. The failure of a commercial catering kitchen ventilation system represents a serious health and safety issue. Certain cooking equipment can potentially generate a high output of waste flue gases which are dangerous. Which is why current gas regulations now have a mandatory requirement for the installation of a gas interlock system in most modern commercial catering kitchens which should be fitted by a suitably accredited gas engineer.

What is a Gas Interlock System?

If there is any sort of fan failure in a commercial catering kitchen's ventilation system, a gas interlock will automatically cut off the gas flow. The gas flow can also be cut off if the effectiveness of the ventilation falls below a preset level. There are many different types of gas interlock systems but essentially Dove Catering only install HSE recommended equipment. And whether it is a single system requirement or a number of systems for a major installation, we have all the necessary skill and expertise to cater for your needs.

Please click the link below which provides useful information from the Health & Safety Executive (file is in PDF format)...

•   Health & Safety Executive – Gas Safety in catering and hospitality

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