Catering Equipment Maintenance

Commercial catering equipment maintenance, installation, repairs, spares, ppm, servicing, gas interlock systems and refrigeration maintenance offered by Dove Catering. Downtime is a major consideration for any appliance led business. Facility inactivity due to mechanical failure can prove costly - from loss of income to a loss of confidence from established clients. Then, of course, there is the cost of the actual repairs themselves which could prove to be high due to a lack of adequate preventative catering equipment maintenance measures, which may well have averted the failure in the first place.

At Dove Catering, we recognise the need for our customers to keep their professional catering equipment in tip top condition. This is why we offer a planned catering maintenance service which will cater for your specific needs. We will look at your current equipment and the number of people you are catering for on a regular basis, and from this information we will implement a maintenance plan for you to ensure that where possible, your kitchen is kept running 24/7.

Our recommendations are based specifically on the operational load of the kitchen itself. And our team of qualified engineers will perform a rigorous onsite inspection to identify any current or potential faults in the making. We can even advise on equipment changes which will increase the productivity of your establishment.

Commercial kitchens represent a sizeable investment – if you wish to protect this investment, contact Dove Catering today and we will discuss the planned maintenance options available to you. Click here to contact us.