Commercial Catering Equipment Suppliers - Overview

Dove Catering provide highly skilled services in the commercial kitchen and catering industry throughout the UK. Please click on a link or thumbnail below to view details of the particular service.

Commercial and industrial catering equipment installation services offered by Gas Safe Registered Dover Catering. Our catering installation service is of a high standard and is tailored to meet each clients requirements.   Installations
Dove Catering provide a full range of installation services both in the public and private sector. These installations can range from the installation of a 'one off' item right through to a fully installed commercial kitchen.
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Reply on Dover Catering's fast, cost - effective catering equipment repairs service. Our commercial catering engineers repair equipment in both the public and private sector.   Servicing/Breakdowns
All customers are different. All have different setups, problems and priorities. So whether it is a routine service or major breakdown, the critical factor is getting a qualified catering engineer on site where and when you need them.
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Dove Catering's catering contractors carry out a planned preventive maintenance that caters for your indivdual needs. We install professional catering equipment to high standards.   Planned Maintenance
Downtime is a major consideration for any appliance led business. Facility inactivity due to mechanical failure can prove costly - from loss of income to a loss of confidence from established clients. Then, of course, there is the cost of the actual repairs themselves which could prove to be high due to a lack of adequate preventative maintenance measures which may well have averted the failure in the first place.
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Gas interlock systems supplied, installed and maintained in commercial kitchen's by Dove Catering.   Gas Interlocks
The failure of a commercial catering kitchen ventilation system represents a serious health and safety issue. Certain cooking equipment can potentially generate a high output of waste flue gases which are dangerous when inhaled and also combustible.
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Refrigeration maintenance carried out by Dove Catering. Find out what refrigeration facilities we look after.   Refrigeration
As with our planned maintenance packages, Dove Catering area also able to maintain and service your cold storage facilities.
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