RSS News Feed

Dove Catering feel that it is very important to keep in touch with clients and potential customers alike, which is why we offer a free RSS News Feed Service.

What is RSS?

RSS [Really Simple Syndication] is a web based feed format used to deliver frequently updated web information to a user's PC.

An RSS feed contains information which points people to a particular web page or the entire news bulletin itself. Users will require a feed reader so that you can receive automatic prompts when a new feed has been received. Details of the feed reader software can be viewed in the column to the right.

Once the feed reader software has been installed on your PC, simply copy and paste the following url into the reader...

The Feed Reader Client

Windows Vista users already have an RSS Feed reader client built in. For all other users, we recommend you download a free reader client from Click the icon below to visit their website...

  Download free feedreader client software